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Wedges shoes for ladies became the hottest shoes ever. This type of shoes are hot and some of this  made from any charming accessories just for you to look charming. Wedges are very much flexible to wear in any type of occasions but also depend on the specific theme. Examples of wedges shoes are below.

The Maxi Dress

A maxi dress is very much flexible for all types of body shapes. It makes a women looks so girly, cute fashionable and of course feminine. But for those petite girls they should evade upon wearing maxi dresses if they have to they must wear wedges to be able to look them taller. The maxi dresses are  good for beach outing and  travelling it was fond with mostly floral designs. These versatile dress could make girls out their looks sexy and fashionable.

Maxi Dresses Gallery

We can’t deny the fact that women loves dresses. The size of the dress is very much important as well as the style and its pattern. The dresses for every girls out there are well design according to specific types.  Usually the cotton is used to give support to a fussy shape.

For Pear Shaped

Pear shape girls have a small upper body intended for meager shoulders, small rib cage and bust, also have a lower body with liberal thighs and hips. If you are pear shaped in sized you should aim to lengthen your figure.

For those girls having a pear shape it is suggested a common dress having a fitted top and a line skirt. Try to look for a cute dress which shows up your shoulders and slender waist.

Slender Shaped

A slender shaped of the body is usually slim having vague hips, small breast yet slim and ling legs. Try to look for a dress that would make and create curves or dresses that will draw interest to your waist. Choose dresses with tops having bright colors.

Petite Shaped

Pick up and choose for the a short  dress  specifically the one with asymmetrical hemline. Showing  your legs will definitely make you look taller .The skirts will overcome your frame. There’s a great different  proportions  in terms of clothing between taller and petite women. Through that petite girls would attempt to wear clothes and dresses the same in color from head to toe. Match it with 3 inches of high heels adding self-confidence to wear it all over.

 Hourglass Shaped

As a girl having hour glass shaped body would make them feel  lucky because they got the awesome curves. Hourglass shaped is round and fuller hips and bust,  have a well-defined shaped and the width of the hips and shoulders are definitely equal.  in fact most girls dream to got this kind of figure. Show what you’ve got and choose to wear dresses by wearing pencil or A-line skirts. just choose darker colors and a lighter ups color dresses. Evade from using belts  and smocks.

What do you think the true essence of the word friendship? or let me say the real essence for having a friend.

Friendship could be one of the wonderful blessing . A relationship molds between two or more person who shares likes and good mutual connection.

People describe friendship in many ways. Some of them says it’s companionship, love, loyalty but in the end the essence of friendship is still the same.

Your friends make your life journey worth to travel to. Having good friends feels good and great. They always act like they are  your shining armor .

For the sadness  part in your life real friends are always on your side to help you ease the pain. For all the relationships that exist the only unconditional love that still survive during hardship is friendship. Our friends would be the greatest partner that we will have.

The good bonds that started within the friendship cycle would be the special treasure we can have. Even though parting would come one day there’s no need to be sad because each and everyone has the priceless treasure they could bring anywhere and it’s  the memories.


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